Give. Why not?

I’ll write a check later. This weekend, really. When I’m paying bills. Or at Christmas time.

These are some of the …excuses I’ve given myself to not donate monetary gifts. The “I just don’t have time to do it” excuse is pretty standard, as is the “But, I’m putting it on my (ever-growing) to do list”. Or the “I volunteer weekly, and that is just as important” line. And when you are already paying a chunk of $$$ to the man, it can be harder to convince yourself that donating is what you should do right now.

There are GREAT organizations that I want to share with their mission and support them financially. Be it my alma mater’s, my year-long volunteer group, the non-profits I’ve worked at, the charities that inspire me- there are plenty to choose from. But, somehow, I just don’t get around to it as much as I would like.

In the summer of 2009, I read this life book: The Life You Can Save The point- you, yes you! can afford to give. Singer honestly explains what is being done vs. what can be done. We, collectively and individually, can fight to make this world a better place.  We also have the responsibility to do so.

So, when 2010 rolled around and I said “Enough, Kate”. Seriously? Aren’t there 15 minutes, one day a month you can take to decide whom to give, how much, and just DO IT?

So I did. I have. And I am. Every month, I’ve made a conscious effort to write a check, e-verfiy my credit card, etc, to an org of my choice. Can I say how liberating it is? Really, it helps me feel connected to this larger world and that is a good place to be. Yes, there is so much need in the world, and yes, I can’t solve it all, but why would I ignore what I can do? It is so simple. It is so possible.

All this to say- give, why not?


4 responses

  1. Nice one Kate. We’ve touched on this one conversationally, but reading it really reinforces the point. I’ve been trying to increase my giving a little at a time. Sometimes it’s easier to give directly to someone in need vs. an organization, but either way the joy factor is worth the price of admission. Keep on bloggin’.

  2. Alleluia! You and I have spoken about this so many times. I wish more people would realize that they can start small rather putting it off till some moment in the future when it would be easier… oh and I’m a couple months behind. Maybe I should get caught up! 😉

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