There is purpose in the negative

You know what, life is truly is a roller coaster. I recent finished reading a book on negative emotions and their role in spirituality and life. It reminded me that we have to feel what we feel. When we just push it away such as, “I’d rather be happy than feel angry/sad/scared etc, and I will try to force myself to be happy” we miss out on that moment. Yes, we miss out on that moment of ‘negative’ emotions, which are there for a reason. We also risk burying that emotion, which will keep us unsettled, keeping peace away.

This is quite connected to improv. You need to ‘be in the moment’, in order to play well.  As is true with life- we need to live in the moment. Our best, most attentive, most true lives occur when we are present, both to ourselves and to others. And who don’t wanna be their best self?!

So, find joy in all the moments. They are all gifts.


What do YOU think?

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