Oh, we still got it!

“Fun, frank, and Franciscan” was our motto for the year.  Two short months after my college graduation, I began a new journey with, FrancisCorps for a year of service. Armed with some clothes, books,  and lots of prayers, I was off to Syracuse to live with 4 other new graduates.

Early in the year, one of my community members came up with that motto. It proved to be a great asset: Be fun– we are gonna deal with some crazy stuff during this year, we might as well find the humor in it. Be frank– cut the BS and say what you need to say. If we all communicate directly, there will be less tension and misunderstandings. Be Franciscan– don’t forget to look to the model of Francis and do a lil’ WWFD.

Heck, we were not perfect. We’d be the first to tell you that. Challenges arose, disagreements were heard, but at the end of it all, I’m positive we’d all do it again.

Even though we live all across the Eastern Seaboard and Midwest now, we find the time to get together.So, when we got together in the Adirondacks this past weekend, I expected to hit all 3 F’s- and boy did we ever.

The Crew

The adventure was the perfect mingling of past and present. Our meals came together and were reminiscent of those we shared the Jeffrey House, as did our prayer. These two daily commitments were our anchors during our year of service. It is what gave us strength and nourishment to continue on. Just like we had in Syracuse, each of us brought what we had, as well as the person we had become in the 2 years since we lived with each other. And, man we still got it!!!  We are still a great community, one that laughs just as hard as it prays, one that is joined through our shared experiences and shared faith. Best of all, we are one that loves and connects to each other despite the distance of time and space.

My communal living experience is something I still don’t have the fullest or most complete words for. To me, it was joy and struggle all wrapped in one. Two years later,  I’m thrilled to feel like it isn’t just a compartmentalized aspect of my life, but one that can be renewed, even if it is in small doses.

“For it is in giving, that we receive”. St. Francis


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