Safety First, please!

A while back, I blogged about The Story of Stuff, a great video on consumption, poverty, pollution, and what to do about it. Annie Leonard is back with a new video on cosmetics, and what’s really in them.

Some mind blowing facts:

– Not all ingredients need to be listed on labels

– Women, on average, use 12 personal care products each day and men use 6.

– Less than 20% of common ingredients in these personal care products have been assessed for safety by the industry’s safety panel. Oh yes, which is a voluntary, self policing agency.

But don’t fret just yet, there are 2 great things for you to do!

1. Visit the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database to see how your preferred products rate, as well as see which ones use the least amounts of toxic materials. You can also donate to this cause.

2. Ask your Senator to support this bill! Send a quick email right here.Thankfully, on July 21, 2010 the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010 was introduced in Congress.

So quick recap: Go here, here, and here:

Then, once you have been educated, informed, and done your duty… do a lil dance to this ditty!


What do YOU think?

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