Gifts to Vises

I was thinking about gifts the other day. Hopefully, not involved in too much omphaloskepsis (yes, I said it), but stick with me.

Gifts and talents are great, but if we are not careful our gifts can turn to vices. An example, I’m very introspective. I like to think that I know myself pretty darn well. However, I can allow myself to think about my life too much, indulging in some navel gazing, and living a ‘too examined’ life, (which by the way is like the unexamined life, its not really worth living).

If we store up our talents just for ourselves, we are missing the point as well. Gifts are meant to be shared! Sometimes we think the little gifts don’t matter- a home cooked meal, a prayer, a smile- but do they ever!

All this thought on gifts and vices made me think of vises. You know, that tool you use in woodworking. I spent a few summers as a kid making some really cool basement dust collectors, I mean, fine treasures. Anyways, using a vise allowed you to hold the wood in place in order for you to sand it, saw it, basically, to change it. However, if a vise is too tight at the base, it will make irreversible indentations onto your wood piece.

Can’t this be said about the other vices? They have a point in our life. Maybe they allow us to be sanded down or refined into a better beings. But, if we allow their grip to be too tight, they scar us.

Well. Sometimes that my over thinking produces these gems! *Happy Sigh*                      Oh no. Oh wait. The tool I’m thinking of is a C- clamp. Great, I went from Gift- to Vice- to Vise- to C Clamp?!? Not as much sense as I was hoping for.

Well, I’ll go take my own advice. I’ll go use my gift of introspection some place else, aside from my own navel.


What do YOU think?

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