The Real Reality

Last night, I walked the boardwalk, ala Jersey Shore, with some fantastic people. No, none of them had names referring to their abs or their style of dating. Rather, I met the new recruits to my previous service program!

Now, at first glance, this may look like another famed MTV show.Ya know, “This is the true story of six strangers picked to live in a community, work together, and have their lives changed.. to find out what happens…”. A dose of the ‘real world’ this year might be, but more so in the sense of living as most people in this world live, with very limited means, versus, living in a souped up house with TV cameras following you around.

These eleven recent grads were stellar. Six will live in my old residence in the ‘Cuse, while five head down to live, work, and be in community in San Jose, Costa Rica.

So, why did these new recruits fascinate me? Let me count the ways! Each of them were incredibly grateful to be welcomed into this community, as well as have some time at the shoreline . We spoke of their hopes and dreams for this year, how they want to serve others and help from the smallest to largest ways. We spoke of the injustices in the world, such as lack of access to quality health care, homelessness, and hunger concerns, to the power of corporations, and the need for quality nutrition. These young adults were not only giving in their time, open to spending a year doing service, but also in their mind set, of wanting to help.

The brief time I had gave me such joy! It was motivating to meet 11 new people, who were so open to speak of their concerns and hope for making this world a better place. I left with a huge smile on my face, so inspired! These 11 people, with their 100 stories, have 1 promising year!

MTV, I think we take the cake with ‘reality’!


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