Take the plunge, take the pledge!

I just finished reading my dad’s 1974 copy of “Bread for the World” Concurrently motivating and yet frightening, that 35 years later many of the problems and solutions surrounding hunger still exist. That made this a difficult read. The book clearly delineates everyday consumer choices as well political policies that have a direct correlation to the fact that now 1 in 6 people in this world are food insecure (2010 statistic).
Where the action items the author lists might have been hopeful in 1974, I find them frustrating that in 2010, the same options exists, as well as the problem of hunger. However, the author mitigates such pessimism by demonstrating that small changes make a world a difference. The most important of those small actions is one so often ignored- voting power. In order for the world to successfully feed its’ people, we must enact policies that encourage access to food over profit. It’s simple, it’s direct, but we just don’t do it.

Whether you go here every day to click for hunger
Or go to Bread for the World’s website to act
Or explore this website and take the pledge, for it is Hunger Action Month, you know that you are taking powerful steps to end hunger.

So, take action, call for justice, and also think about some charitable giving to a food pantry or food bank. Every can, box of cereal, piece of fruit is appreciate.


What do YOU think?

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