Friends, help out this month!

Here is a recent email I sent to all my friends, and want to include all of you too!

The front page article of today’s Financial Times speaks of how the world might see a dramatic increase in food prices, similar to the ones that lead to the riots in 2007-2008. This is due to many factors including lack of supply of grain, Russia’s export ban, as well as others.

At work, we are looking at the issue of speculation on commodities and how this affects the world’s poor. A good starting point is this video

Tuesday started Hunger Action Month. I just finished reading 1974’s “Bread for the World”. I’m torn. It was inspiring to be called to action in so many ways, and utterly disappointing that we are still in the same state 35 years later.

Please do something today. Donate some food to your local pantry (often housed in a church), volunteer, give some money, best of all, write to your rep’s. Examples of writing to your reps’:

For those of us in the St. Helen’s Group or in the NJ are, we are volunteering with Bridges next Sunday morning to deliver food in Irvington. We still have spots open, let me know if you are interested!

Thanks for hearing me out, and thanks for taking a stand against hunger.


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