Postively Willing

Can you really ‘will’ or ‘attract’ things into being? Please don’t
get me wrong, I’m ALL for the power of positive thinking, but I don’t
think that I can attract my desires to actually occurring just by
believing it to be so!

While scanning the books on tape section at my library before a long,
solo car trip, I thumbed through some light novels. I moved along, and
somehow was in the historical/self help section, when I spotted “The
Secret”. The title always piqued my interest, but from what I heard, I
didn’t think I’d follow the hype. But here I was, desperate for
something that would grasp my attention in 10 hours in the car.


However, I don’t think it was a complete waste of time. Having
recently been told at least 5 times in one hour that my thinking can be
too “catastrophic” (a word that I think is, *ahem*, a tad harsh!), I
think a dose of the others side of thinking won’t kill me.

Yes, I can laugh at the ominous music that is played for the light and fluffy advice column
thinking that is shared, or marvel at how strange Australian accents can
sound (did it really just take her more than 4 seconds to say the word
“old” ?). I can also walk away with knowledge. The piece that I have gotten the most from in listening to this book is to change my thinking. Take out the “can’ts” and the “don’t wants” and the “but I never”s. Start thinking about what I do know that is good, can happen, and what I want to happen. Drop the worry and pick up the faith.

So save your self the 4 cd’s, or the 200 page book, and just repeat
after me …“Think positively!”.


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