What never fails…

What never fails to make me laugh: list compiled in no particular order. Execute items at your own discretion. Intense laughter or major eye rolling may ensue.

Kate’s fail proof list to make her laugh:

1. Any time Mozilla accidentally closes and re-opens itself with a page stating “Well, THAT was embarrassing!” I’m always caught giggling at my desk. Sorry, but it makes my day!

2. “NOT FUNNY” video is incredibly funny. Sorry scared little boy! BL-oooOOOD!

3. The 3 year old response to monsters. My absolutely favorite of all time!

4. Talking to my cursing nun. I worked for Dolly a few years ago and this woman never fails to make me stomach hurt from so much laughing. And yes, normally it is bathroom humor- related. Love ya, you poopster!

5. Thinking about the time that I learned how to plunge a toilet in college. Although not on any syllabi, this is an incredible life skill all should have before receiving their diploma. And, word to the wise, apparently it is not correct form to plunge around the toilet. Oops.

6. Talking to hilarious kids, like my godson or my friends little sister. They always have a spot on sense of my humor!

7. Thinking about the thousands of times I would hide in the linen closet next to the bathroom, wait hours for my sister to leave said bathroom, then jump out screaming “BOOOO” at the loudest decibel possible. 🙂

Moral of the story: it’s good to know what gets your funny bone movin’!

So tell me, what never fails to make you laugh?!


What do YOU think?

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