My Secret Life

So, a la a recent post, I’ve notified you of my car routine of late: listening to “The Secret” on tape. It’s inspiring, it’s ridiculous, it’s challenging, and it’s wacky. But, it makes me smile, it makes me laugh at myself, and it makes me want to think better, think more positively. So off I go!

As this book talks about unlocking the mystery that the world holds and what some know, I find myself looking at the mystery inside myself. What is an unrevealed aspect of me?

My secret life is one of prayer. To some who know me, you might not think this is not all that surprising. However, it is some of my most personal…stuff. It is where I allow myself to be my best and worst, where I don’t judge, and where I can just be, versus do.

Yes, sometimes I share my prayer, especially with those close to me and whom I’ve built a history of mutuality. But this, what I’m about to do, has never been done.

I’ve never publicly shared my inner most prayers to an unknown audience. I’ve always placed my prayer in a safe haven, in places where it was almost certain to be celebrated, or at least, understood.

So, in the spirit of facing fears, in the spirit of being my true self, and in the spirit of putting things out into the world that I want to see more of and receive more of, here is today’s product of my morning prayer. Namaste.


Good morning my Lord Jesus.
Thank you for this day.

I seek to live with you in love, joy, and peace. I want to live as you wish and be on the path that you desire. But I do not know how to find that path.  So there is this war that goes on inside of me, one of peace and patient trust against one of rushed, unmet anticipation and restless searching.

What more can I do than love you?
What more can I do than love this beautiful self?
What more can I do than love those around me?

So, today I’ll trust.
I’ll know that I live with you in love, joy, and peace. I’ll call upon my creative imagination to see how you want me to live. I’ll trust and feel your hand leading me along my path. I’ll allow this war inside me to be a ceasefire, a day of peace.

For I can love you.
For I can love myself.
For I can love others.
Today and every day.
Starting today, I’ll trust You to this unfolding path.


What do YOU think?

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