Stand up.

Today more than 1 billion people live on less than $1/day AND lack access to clean water, health care, education and other basic services according to UN Devlopement Groups report in 2008.

The World Bank reported in 2008 that the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, with the world’s richest 20% consuming over 75% of the world’s resources while the  world’s poorest 20% consume only 1.5% of its resources.

Guess what. 10 years ago, leaders of our nations sought to change that. They stood up and said “no more”. No more babies dying from hunger, while we throw food away, no more deaths from diseases that have cures. No more wanting when this world has such abundance. Our leaders  promised to cut extreme poverty in half a decade ago, but there are still 29,000 children who die every day due to preventable causes.

So, STAND UP. Write to President Obama asking him to make next weeks meeting of world leaders in NY mean something.

Do your part.


What do YOU think?

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