Peace Rebel

I have come to believe that our best laid plans don’t always go awry, but certainly get challenged! Recently, I committed myself to more positive thinking. Not in a totalitarian or unforgiving way, because 1. that’s unrealistic and 2. would lead me down the path to beat myself up a bit, denying the point of this project!

So, I had a few good days, and some super stellar days. THEN, it came. That stupid, annoying, bound to happen crappy day. ARGH! Well, as my day spiraled from bad to worse, this hit my inbox. Go ahead. Click it. Watch it!

Shockingly, it calmed me down pretty quick. So a while later, I did it. I meditated in the middle of the day. Normally, my morning prayer time is enough, this was certainly a new experience. One that brought me some peace.

I explored the website. Pretty cool idea- peace inside will ripple outwards. We must take care of ourselves first, in order to serve others. Not new to us I’m sure, but oh, I like this!

So on a whim, I signed up! I am now a Peace Rebel doing my Self Development Program. It’s supportive, its non-invasive and I feel like I’m DOING something. As I struggle to learn to be ok with just being, this gives me a nice balance, a.k.a I’m doing by being. Maybe, by the end, I will feel better with ‘being’ . 🙂

This all reminds me of the nice Celtic prayer: Peace before me, Peace behind me, Peace behind me, Peace above me and under my feet. Peace within me, Peace around me and in all whom I meet.

For I could wish nothing more for all of you! PEACE!


What do YOU think?

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