Meat a day brings the doctor to bay?

I know, I know TERRIBLE punny title. But after spending the day mired in meat sector work, I’m feeling a lil bit crazed. Like her.

Did you catch this article last week? Give it a read. Are we making ourselves sicker by what we eat? Are we literally killing our chances at restoring our health once we’ve been sick, by promoting non-therapeutic usage of our medicines? At work, I’m involved in this discussion, but I think we ALL should be at the table talking about these issues.

As the article states, “As drug-resistant strains of microbes evolve on the farms, they are passed along in meat sold in grocery stores. They can infect people as they handle the uncooked product or when eating, if cooking is not thorough. The dangerous strains can also enter the environment via manure or the clothes of farm workers”.

Get the gist? What are your thoughts?


One response

  1. It’s amazing to me that in the article that you have linked, there can be such a strong contrast of the truths.

    “There is no conclusive scientific evidence that antibiotics used in food animals have a significant impact on the effectiveness of antibiotics in people,”

    “Those who say there is no evidence of risk are discounting 40 years of science. To wait until there’s nothing we can do about it doesn’t seem like the wisest course.”

    I, also being in this work, tend to side with the later statement. It also reminds me of something that another person who knew a thing or two about the meat industry said early in the 1900’s: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” -Upton Sinclair

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