Ecuador Always Wins

Escaping a blustery New England, I, with 9 others,traveled down to Quito, Ecuador to work with Rostro de Cristo for 10 days in January of 2007.  I chronicled my experiences in a 4 part email to family and friends, which at some point soon, I will add those to this blog. My time was so influential, I seriously considered, and was accepted to their year long program. In the end, I couldn’t escape the snow long term. Syracuse called me to live out my year of service there, but I remained interested in Ecuador.

The title of this post is from one of my friends who I traveled with who kept a count of Us vs. Ecuador- when we nearly died on the road after being cut off my super aggressive trips, 1 for Ecuador. When he got violently sick on the airplane home, one for Ecuador. It was amusing at the time, but today I’m hopeful that peace and stability will prevail, letting Ecuador truly ‘win’.

Two accounts on what is going on in the country:


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