Keep the Beat

Last night, I went to a drum circle. It was fantastic! Tired from a long week, wanting to be outside in the warm and sunny weather, I was hesitant. Not wanting to sit at home, or disappoint friends, I went.

I grabbed my big pot and a wooden spoon, hoping this would be an ‘instrument’ that was acceptable. It turned out to be a great one, as you could make so many sounds with it, even play the handles to make noise.

The people that we met were open and easy to chat with. We came up with some cool beats and just rocked out. One of the leaders warned us that it can get very meditative, constantly drumming out the same beat, and to enjoy it. I smiled so wide when I saw my friend totally engaged, melting away into her rhythm.

One passerby, who joined us for a while noted, “I love how each sound finds its way in. It is like a puzzle that can be added to, enhancing the whole sound. It is very much like building community”. What a great way to sum it up.

Interested in dropping into a drum circle? Check this website out!


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