Life gets hectic. Life gets crazy. Right now, for me, it’s both in rare forms! I thought I had it at bay for a bit, but my mind and body had other ideas!

In an effort to relax and push off the intense nervous energy, I made myself go on a walk. Just starting out, I looked up and smiled at a stranger. He smiled back then asked me if I knew where a certain street was. I struggled. I recognized the name, but didn’t know exactly where it was. He asked if I knew a separate street, then said “I just need some meds from the Salvation Army” Ding! Got it, after I directed him he said “God bless you, you’re lovely. Thank you, sweetheart”.

I felt good. Here I was in my crazed, stressfilled day, needing to do something (aka a walk) for me, and I helped some one out. What a great gift to feel purposeful amidst the chaos!

As I continued on, I was thinking about loosing direction and my friend’s recent conversation about our lives popped into my head.  We had been chatting about struggles, and how I sometimes, I feel like I’m losing who I once was in this strange stage of life I’m in. I question, I doubt, I don’t always know what is up or down, left or right. Then, this belief articulated itself “We are NOT losing ourselves in this crazy post collegiate/post service/20 somethings stage. We are becoming more fully rooted in being ourselves.”

And today, that’s what’s giving me direction. Although these two pieces may not seem related, they are integral. I want to know my wants and desires better, but I can’t do so without relating to others. I can’t be so in my own head, worrying about my life, that I deny what others need and want. Hopefully, I can find my place in this world that is in tandem with serving others.


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  1. Good luck in striking the balance. And nice work on taking insight from the interaction with the stranger. You acknowledge what is refreshing, and are therefore refreshed! (At least a little. 🙂 )

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