And…I’m back!

Woo-Hoo, happy weekend! This week was a doozy. I visited 5 states in 6 days for work (great meetings) and personal (best friend’s wedding)! It was an intense, emotion filled week, and although I enjoyed it, I’m glad to be on the flip side.

In ‘growing up’ I realize how much I need balance in my life. I thrive in the busyness of life, doing as many of the things in my life that I truly love. But if it gets hectic, stress physically takes over my body. Another example is that I’ve learned that when traveling, that I have to eat right or keep a good sleep schedule, I can’t change both of those aspects of life. Lastly, when I start my day off in meditation and prayer, it completely alters how my day goes. The little annoyances get to me less, and puts my whole life in perspective. Initially, balance and schedules don’t seem fun, but they add that needed structure to keep me happy while running around as I like.

Balance and busyness- my favorite partners!


What do YOU think?

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