I like free stuff and I cannot lie… I do. I like free stuff. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t used the free packet of jasmine rice I won in Boston 1 year ago (it’s a personal size and you had to spin a wheel- TMI), there is just something about ‘free’ that is so appealing.

You other brothers can’t deny…I used to work for a tutoring company where I had to solicit.  I was an awkward teenager, in ill fitting khakis and super oversized, faded polo. Yes, I oozed confidence (sarcasm). Talking to stressed out parents with cranky kids, no thank you. *Shudder* I’m not sure that I’ve ever been more shy in my life. Therefore, when I see my fellow solicitors, I feel for them.

Cause when a  girl walks in… Today, I was enjoying the unusual 70 degrees and the pretty fall colors, when a guy named Ryan asked if he could talk to me. I said sure. He asked if I was interested in a gym membership and working out. Just a few mins later, I walked away with a free week at the facilities just 2 blocks from work! Score- especially since I’m not going the gym again until late December and am feeling a bit un-fit. I can’t wait to go- and bring a itty bitty big smile on my face!



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