A needed knock on the head

After writing yesterday’s post, I was not my usual self.  I was still unsettled by the students questions, and a little frustrated with some work things. Add to that people’s negative comments about my upcoming vacation (why would you go with them, why aren’t you going to see this, why are you spending your time seeing that), a headache that was growing stronger, and just plain annoyance at this day, I was sliding down into to negativity, fast.

As I was on my cell phone, venting about the day, and specifically this gnawing headache- WHACK! I rammed my head really hard into my car door frame. After an expletive (I’m not perfect!), an “Oww” and a “let me call you back”, the tears came. Not just a few, but a cleansing, get it all out, shoulder shaking sob. I realized I was building up frustrations with no where to go. It was good to get it out.

After that two minute workout, I realized I needed to readjust my perspective. I heard myself saying, “Really, Kate? Is today THAT bad? Things are ‘ehh’ today, but you can stop this spiral downward. You know what level of crappy this is- don’t make it out to be more than it is”. It was basically what I learned this summer from my sleep restriction- just cause it feels bad, doesn’t mean it IS bad. Stop giving my emotions so much power- you don’t rule me!

Hey, God, thanks for the reminder and the challenge of keeping things in perspective. But, next time, does it have to take a whack to the head?


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