In the past few days, as I’ve wrestled with clashing values and the harsh reality that sometimes people (even really good ones, whom I admire) just don’t like me. (I know this may seem juvenile to some, but for a people pleaser, it’s tough), I’ve been moved by some friends.

Long story short, my boyfriend is coming to the area, but has no place to stay! His temporary home won’t be available, and I won’t be here either. Multiple friends as well as my family have offered to host him, welcome them into to whatever their situation is, and let him tag along for adventures and such.

I’m touched by their gratitude, and humbled in a situation that I can’t myself fix. What a beautiful contrast this is to the “people pleasing” side of me where 1. I find it hard to ask such things of friends and 2. this struggle of dealing with good people who don’t like the way I think and act.

My friends, thank you doesn’t go far enough! You’ve reminded me that, even if all the people in the world don’t care for me, I know some pretty amazing ones who do!


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  1. Humbled is right!

    As the mentioned boyfriend, it was a major surprise to me as well. They say that if everyone in your bf/gf’s life is crazy their life except for them, you may need to continue looking for what craziness may be behind the veil. It seems to me, that if everyone in the bf/gf’s life is generous, kind, and giving as your bf/gf, then there might be something way beyond excellent in them.

    Thanks to you, your friends, and your family.



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