Here’s the story to my first couple of days!

I arrived here safe and sound on Thursday after a sucessful 11 hour flight, which thankfully felt like 3 hours! My friends had a goregous fresh flower lei from ready for me to wear! We ate some authentic Hawaiian food less than 1 hour after being off the plane- yes this is my kind of greeting!
The next day after a delicous and leisurely breakfast on a patio, and watching a gecko, we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center- pretty cool living museum telling you the history of many of the islands. Last night was a show at the PCC, demonstrating the beliefs around life from the island, culminating with a fire dancing show. Interestinly, Brigham Young University has a campus next to the PCC so many workers are BYU students on their year of service. I believe BYU created the PCC for their members to be able to share their culture.
I am dealing well with the time change, although was up at 6:30 this morning. We were so exhausted after the show last night that we all were dozing off (thankfully, not our host/driver). My friend and I had a snack that took a good 15 minutes to eat because we were belly laughing  at silly things because we were so tired. It’s been awhile since my stomach hurt from all the laughs!
We had some rain yesterday so hoping that it holds off today to go to beach.
Peace to you all!

3 responses

  1. So glad you are enjoying your trip! My friend has a house so close to the PCC. We spent 2 weeks there a couple of years back…so gorgeous!
    Keep on laughing!!! That’s what life is for.

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