Live as if It’s already here

I wrote this email to my friend who was a large reason for me starting this blog. She said, “Kate, you need a place to put all these things so I can refer back to them”. KT, this one’s for you!

“Hey! I just turned on Pandora and took a dance break :). “Baby Girl” by Sugarland came on. It hit me, this song is just what “The Universe” emails try to get us to do- act as if the Dreams of our lives have already come true (This is a daily email that we both get, just a nice encouraging reminder of what’s important in life). That song is a celebration about the past struggle, and how it leads to the realization of their dreams- even though it hadn’t happened yet.

I think you like Sugarland so you probably know the song, if not- the lyrics .

Katie, Here’s to living and celebrating the dream, even while we wait!”

So, can you live as if your dream is already at your feet? Try it and see.


What do YOU think?

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