I challenge you!

Maybe it was divine intervention, maybe it was the Disc Jockey’s pure intuition, or just a co-quinky dink, but after posting about my friend yesterday, I was inspired to do something I would challenge her to do.

Sing this song. Sing it, until I believe it.

I’m a planner. Big time. I also have some mighty high expectations. Case in point, in picking out a restaurant for tonight, I was searching for the most PERFECT restaurant. Internet searches for eateries in New York City means lots of scrolling around! But, I’ve found with little events and big changes in my life, the ones that I don’t plan are often the most rewarding.

Examples: I was in LA to see one of my best friends from college. Although it was only a 36 hour trip, we had SO MUCH FUN. We had a typical K&B (mis)adventure of driving to Disneyland 1 hour away, to have the wrong free pass in hand. So we lie, we laugh, and decided to get dolled up and go out on the town- who would know that getting kicked outta Disney could be so fun?

With the more signifant changes in my life, my decision to do a year of service springs to mind. I was dead set on being abroad. I wanted to go to Ecuador or Guatemala, and then Alaska came in the mix. Yet, the more I looked into programs, the less I liked them. Spring came, and I said no to all 4 groups still on my books. I had done a year and half of research, narrowed down my top 15 groups, for what? Well, one of our campus ministers told me about a group in Syracuse, NY. My reply was “nope, its too cold and too close”. But the more I found out about it, the more I was in love with it.

To date, my year of service in Upstate NY was one of the best “let go and let God” decisions I’ve made! In fact, I just got back from Hawaii with my 2 bosses from that year of service. Who ever thought Syracuse would lead me to Hawaii?!

So, I’m challenging myself to let go of my little controlling, perfecting, and planning ways. I want to strengthen my faith, go beyond my comfort zone, and lessen my fear of the unknown. As we said in my improv group last night  don’t plan, “just be here now”. Let’s take it to heart, and put it into everyday practice- LET GO!


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