Guest Day!

My friend Dannis sent this prayer out to a small group of us who all attended a Young Adult conference in Chicago. I loved it, and she was happy to share it with all of you!

So, here is my prayer for all of us in October and for those of us who have entered November without even realizing it!

…That we might know that God surrounds us as we walk through today.

That we might trust God as we realize that we can’t even predict how the whole day will flow (so how can we even think future thoughts?).

That we might be conscious of the communion of saints who are praying for us, all those who have crossed over, who are nudging us, encouraging us, and giving us strength.

That we might be comforted by the lives of the saints (like my grandfather) who had his own struggles through life but remained trusting in God.

And that we know that we are not alone in keeping the faith. I’m praying for each of you.

May you experience God’s love TODAY!


What do YOU think?

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