Share the good (and weird)

I have a minor addiction. Really, I think it’s healthy. What could be bad about laughing, getting new ideas, feeling supported, or creative? So what’s the subject, you ask… food blogs.

I can’t really remember how it started. I think I began to read on my lunch break in the winter to keep up the motivation to exercise. That migrated to their nutrition page, which I saw comments from people who write food blogs. Voila!

There is so much about it that I love. A supportive community that has national conference, the funny quips, the amazing food and the fact that I have become “friends” with a woman who speaks ‘my’ (crazy, witty, deep, reflective) language- all through the internet!

Anywho, I was inspired to start this blog mostly by how I loved reading the daily food diaries of others. While I began to realize that I couldn’t commit to showing off my eats each day, I still had something to ‘say’. I hope to do an experiment here of my food bloggin ability, but for now- feast your eyes on this.

That’s right, its a Roasted Butternut Squash Sandwich with Goat Cheese with Maple Pear Balsamic Gastrique. I made this monster of an amazing sandwich for dinner for my fam on Sunday (sorry, dear sister, but you missed out). Where we had a few additions/subtractions i.e. maple syurp and brown sugar for maple sugar, and our own Honey Wheat Bread, (which we used all wheat flour, no white) this sandwich was dang good.

Part of my reason for posting this is to share my desire to food blog, but another is to share the recipe. Not only did one of us at dinner share the recipe, he shared the fruits of our labor! After our dinner, Chris headed back into NYC. While on his way, he met Leroy in the subway. He is a homeless Veteran, who was selling some of his artwork. While Chris didn’t have cash, he did take in and enjoy the art, and offered Leory, one of his ‘doggie bag sandwiches’. Leroy accepted. His review: “there’s a lot of weird stuff in there. Weird. But good”.

So, what you should learn from this lil ramble:

1. Know your limits, push yourself, find your yes. Ex: I’d love to food blog, but know that it is too much for me. I started a blog on a whim and have loved it. My yes is to myself in saying “Kate, you have something to say and you can do it in your way”.

2. Scoot on over to Holly’s blog. I love it.While you are at it, hit up Chris’ too.

3. Spread the love. Whether it be about blogs or sharing what you have with others, its all about giving. The story of how Chris gave away one of the sandwiches I made for him made me feel connected to this world. I may not have a lot, but I can give a meal to Leroy.

I want to be a food blogger. Maybe some day I will Today, I’m a food sharer, and that is more than enough.


What do YOU think?

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