Gift Giving Guide (alternatively)

As one of my first posts demonstrated, we can give in great ways. I still need to write out my contribution to my charity of choice this month, but as the gift giving season is upon us, there are GREAT ways to give a wonderful gift, while supporting economic justice, a family in need, a woman in the developing world, or all of the above! I enjoyed giving many of these gifts in the past, purchasing a special item for a friend, and being able to share the story of its creation and know that we helped someone else, even minimally.

Can you challenge yourself to give alternatively– whether you challenge yourself to as buy as many Fair Trade gifts as possible, or with every gift you buy you supply a small contribution in your loved ones name to your favorite charity? Try something!

Let’s spread the good cheer and blessings around!

Dudes, you can even buy your friends a toilet!

Fair trade and economically just sites:

The Good Shepherds Sisters have a solution to your Holiday shopping needs! Their project, Handcrafting for Justice, supplies you with beautiful, fair trade items.

Serrv: Sustainable, Fair Trade, Gifts

Ten Thousand Villages: Fair Trade items

Singular items for the protection of children:

Tassa: Luggage tags to fight child tourism

Soft Hands Kind Heart Lotion: At the Body Shop, 100% of the net proceeds go ECPAT, which combats and raises awareness of sex trafficking of children and young people.


Use this guide to ensure you buy books that aren’t using paper from destroyed rainforests

Use this list to find retailers that avoid using sweatshops at Sweat Free.

Donations and Charitable Gifts:

Honor your loved ones by purchasing an item for someone in need through Catholic Relief Services or World Vision or Oxfam America.

Combo- Donate and Shop!

Buy a tee shirt or donate at Food & Water Watch as well as Charity: Water!


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