Catch up or Rest Up?

Hello blog world!

Its been an intense week, don’t worry not all stressful, lots of joy too. But I wanted to catch you up a little bit.

Today, I had a much anticipated date with Rocky. You know, my ENT doctor :). Anyway, he took my anenoids, straightened my septum, and gave me a goodie bag of hospital socks and gauze. I gave him some thumbs up and lots of platelets (seriously, if one more person tells me “you’re a bleeder!”)- and I stole the piece pound cake that I didn’t finish in recovery. Yum!

Anyway, I’m supposed to be recouping for the next couple days. As I said, my previous few days have been nuts- tons of works and surprises so I keep falling behind, a nerve wracking doctors appointment on Monday, boyfriend  leaving town, etc. So, my recipe for a resting weeked, is what follows:

– write my friend’s wedding prayer for big day next week!

– finish my application for a grad course

– totally reorganize my ‘important papers’ system

– upload all Hawaii pictures and create view book

– blog on Hawaii trip

– online shop for Christmas gifts

– Look at my IRA and make some decisions

Right. Resting will fit….nowhere. Who am I kidding? Yes, I complain that I need time to just ‘do stuff’ but I also need a break. I know none of those things will take less than 2 hours each. Hello, opportunity (and your health) is a-knocking. So for the exception of the first bullet point (keep breathing, Nathan), my weekend entails, reading, sleeping, movie and Glee watching.

I’m saying yes to my health and yes to me…even if it means saying no to that nagging to do list!


What do YOU think?

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