To be proud

There are moments in life when you know you with amazing people, when their actions touch you and inspire you. This is one of those times.

We were on the subway after (surviving) the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Blow up. It was fun, but Chris and I didn’t know how long it would take! In order to keep the people moving, they trap you in this metal crowd fences and force you to cross unnecessary streets to keep the flow going. Or in our case, stopping.

We ran to catch the subway as we are starving and ready to be on to the next thing. After to darting around to make sure I wasn’t grabbing a seat from any moms or kids, I sat next to a man with smiling eyes. I notice that no one else went to sit in this empty row next to him. A mother standing a few feet away is watching me suspiciously. I could sense that she was uncomfortable, as she drew her son closer to her and she hangs on to the pole.

He starts to talk to me, then to Chris. He was a jovial man, enjoyed telling jokes, even had me ‘not listen’ to a few, since I was a ‘lady’. He spoke of love, mostly of one that was lost in his life. He’d drift away for just a moment, lost in that pain, then be back, laughing and telling another line.  After getting comfortable, he started to mention that he was hungry. He hadn’t eaten in a day.

Chris pulls out his fresh homemade bread. He makes this recipe for himself and friends, but also utilizes it for ‘homeless bread’, by which he cuts generous slices and wraps up to give out to any one who needs it. On the subway, he says to our new friend “Well, you are in luck. I made this for you this morning”.

Our new friend was clearly touched. He wished it had some meat in it says, and Chris jokes, apologizing and suggested to put on some nice condiments to make up for it. Regardless, it was clear that the man was certainly was happy to have some bread.

I glance at the the woman who was staring at us just feet away, she is smiling to ear to ear, with her hand on her son’s shoulder, guiding him to look at us. I glance around, seeing how many people are watching our interaction. I was humbled by the amount of eyes that were on us, and the smiles that were drawn upon their faces.

Love is all around us. Not just the romantic, or the seasonal kind, but that true caring for another person type of love. I’m honored to have been a witness and a participant. I’m so proud to have seen this moment through Chris’ generosity and care.

So, even though this is a week late, I’m grateful. I’m so grateful to have moments like this, where I stop rushing around, and start doing what it is I really love- connecting with people. Through speaking to our new friend, I was renewed. We shared with him, and he made my day. And it wasn’t just him that we connected with. I didn’t even have to say a word to the mother across the way to have reached her.

So, as we enter this frenetic time of year, I reflect on this moment of humble pride and walk away, renewed and inspired to give the important gifts this year: the ones that come from selfless, caring love.

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  1. Wow Kate! I didn’t realize the impact of that moment. Thanks for writing about it. I’ve been feeling a little sad, and your post here is a real boost, and puts me at ease with some of the questions which accompany the sadness. You and your way make me very proud also.

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