How do I say Yes?

With all the minor challenges in my life today, how do I continue to say yes? With courage and persistence.

I was reflecting on how I felt my attitude had changed today towards some of the ongoing frustrations in my life. They still existed, but I felt calmer, and a joy was present that had not been before. What was the element of difference? It was the unconscious shift in my saying yes.

My recovery from an operation I had recently has been taking longer than expected. At first, I was fine, enjoying the forced relaxation. But when the ‘you will feel better by this date’ came and went, I was annoyed. Patience, people. But a little dose of feeling more like my self, counterbalanced with taking things slowly, helped me focus positively on recovering.

Another example is that there are some interactions with others lately that have really affected me, so much so that I felt apathetic to the situations, and worse, to the people involved. Instead of begrudgingly doing everything new that was being asked, I started to look for ways to jump start the tasks that normally I dislike doing, and found purpose and even some pleasure.

I’m not perfect. This is hard, and needs to constantly be renewed. It also does not mean that I avoid changing the negative in these situations, but rather it means recognizing what level of control I actually have. I can only change myself and my reactions.

So, how do I say Yes to crappier things in life: by trying. And trying again tomorrow.


What do YOU think?

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