My 11 year old dreams

My 11 year old self was spunky, vivacious, and inquisitive- not a far cry from who I am now! I loved school and learning, constantly tried new activities, and relished in creatively playing around the neighborhood with friends. I was just beginning to learn the beautiful art of public speaking and acting. I was in transition, yearning for the benefits of being a teenager, but not quite ready for all the responsibility. If you asked me what I was going to do when I grew up, I’d probably say I didn’t know, but that regardless, it would be good.

Monday morning I opened this video that a colleague forwarded. I couldn’t have asked for better motivation. This 11 year old harnessed his questioning mind to find answers, and also find his passion. I want to live in his world of dreams, safe food, and accountability- scratch that. I want to live in the world I dreamed of happening when I was 11, which was the world that held many opportunities, a place to utilize all my talents and discover many more.

But some times, this real world that we inhabit doesn’t seems so great. Poverty is growing, as this article states, more people in the middle class are finding themselves food insecure. Even college educated people are struggling to make ends meet.

How do I live out my dream world, while knowing of this real world? See the connections! Can I take that excitement that Birke has and place it with my passion of living in a world free of hunger? Yes. Do I have to be 11 to dream up a way to work towards it? No.

Even though I may not be able to see the path to fulfill my dreams, I realize that they are no less possible. I can start small, and live my way to their  fulfillment. Cheers to that.

PS: Check out Colleen’s latest post on simplicity. It’s right on the money, or not ;).


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