Sap Around the Christmas Tree

I just finished watching Love Actually, one of my favorite Christmas movies. I felt as if I was watching for the first time (hello, references to both Meatloaf and Bon Jovi in 5 minutes- how did I never catch that before).!This movie highlights what true love is in a variety of settings: the selfless love of a mother, a dedicated wife, going after love regardless of how it is received, taking care of another even when it is inconvenient, and more. There are so many examples in this movie, which is why I care for it so.

After watching, I feel a bit mushy and recharged about this season. I open my email to see a note from a friend through an interesting website. One of my closest friends donated funds to a classroom for special needs children in my honor. My friend is choosing a career in education law to help children such as these. She wrote that her donation was inspired about my post on giving.

I’m blown away. This touches me on so many levels: the  humbling fact that I was a catalyst for Bridget’s donation, the recognition that I’m doing something postive through this blog and through my life, the rememberance of many of my family members who are special needs kids and their experiences, and the idea that love is the best gift which can be given in so many forms, like this one.  The love Bridget has now gets spread to kids in New York classrooms. That is amazing!

So, as I get ready to decorate the artificial Christmas tree with my family, I’m feeling as if I’m the one bringing the sap into the living room. There is nothing artificial in how I’m feeling- honored and full of love. Love, actually, is what this season is most about. Whether its through a movie, or an experience, or through people you’ll never know, I wish you all this feeling of love this season. Merry Christmas!


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