No more.

January 11th is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.
Some quick statistics:
1. The number of persons trafficked worldwide at any time is between 12.31 and 272 million people. Why the varying numbers? Because of widely differnet estimates:  600,000 to 800,000 trafficked across borders (US Government); 12.3 Million in forced labor/sexual servitude (UN International Labor Office); 27 Million (Free the Slaves).
2. It is the second largest illegal trade and is the fastest growing illegal enterprise in the world.
3. The total value of illegal human trafficking to be $32 billion.
The causes of Trafficking is a multi-faceted issue: the intersection between crime, economics, migration, labor, health, socio-cultural practices, poverty, media promotion of sex industry values, war/armed conflicts, power differential between women, men and children, organized crime and legalized prostitution.
Since there is growing consensus that addressing “demand” is key to the prevention of trafficking, what can we do to stop this? Educate, Advocate, Buy Fairly Produced Goods, Network, Pray! Also, take action regarding a similar concerns: Support the International Violence Against Women Act.
Resources:There are GREAT organizations who combat human trafficking, support them and check them out: Polaris Project ECPAT Stop Enslavement
Do something to stop this atrocity!

What do YOU think?

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