Being thanked for my yes

Who doesn’t love support? It’s great in any form, but the vocalization of it, lately seems to be hitting the hardest. It’s not often that we here “I support you”, or “I’m here”, or as I recently got “Thanks, Kate, for saying ‘yes'”!

This thanks came from a prioress (think CEO) who doesn’t even know me! She was thanking me for agreeing to co-present what will be a fabulous evening entitled “Faith and Food: Sharing the Table of Plenty”.

I was ecstatic from her thanks- does she know that I have a blog all about saying yes (ok, and lots of other things)?!? Why did this excite me so much? Because it was a recognition of doing what I set out to do- say yes.

Supporting someone is one of the best ways to make positive changes in this world. Go to it.


What do YOU think?

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