Speak up. For yourself.

Sometimes the world brings us down, sometimes its a bad reality we hear, sometimes it a crappy situation, but other times, its ourselves.

My day came beautifully full circle. I started early this morning, working, and catching a friend online just stating “I love you- sorry I missed your call”. She wrote back “thank you. It’s crazy, I so needed that”. We had a brief exchange, not sharing what is going on, rather, committing to each other that we’d try so hard to allow peace to dwell within us today, trying not to bring the crap from yesterday in, and while the chaos roars around us, we’ll still be ok. Also, we’d think of each other, when trouble starts up, we’d remember “Kate knows. Help me through today”. It worked! Thanks, friend, for helping me through.

Late this evening, I rediscovered the video that made me more fully fall in love with this author. So not only do we need to have the help of others, we need to stop the negative talk against ourselves. It doesn’t help, it hinders us. Is it hard, yes, maybe one of the hardest things. But, you are enough, and you are worthy of the best you.

What do YOU think?

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