Stuck by Force

Driving along to work today, a tad later than normal, I pull up to my local road cut-through. Moseing along (its 25mph, with giant speed bumps) a cop comes out of nowhere and screams at the lady in front of me “SLOW DOWN. It’s all BLACK ICE! PULL OVER”. So we did. We sat. For 1 hour!

In the beginning I thought, “well, at least I’m only 5 minutes from work, I won’t miss that appointment that is in 45 minutes”. A friendly cop came by, I asked if we could turn around, he said no, we’d get stuck like some guy yards away, in a snow embankment. We’d just have to wait for the salters.  A tad ridiculous, but ok.

As I said, we sat for an hour. I called the woman who I was to meet, laughing and telling her my story. I called family, friends, even listened to some news. Mostly, I enjoyed people watching. The lady in front of my was mad, and the woman in front of her irrate! The guy behind me rolled his eyes a lot, and took pictures on his Iphone. I enjoyed the entertainment and the scenery. For the most part, I was pretty patient (and this is MAJOR for me).

So what am I thinking now? Wow, if I can be patient with this small, but annoying, unplanned disruption of my day, I think I do it in other areas of my life. Sure, I had to stay late at work, and rush to change my meeting, but my life wasn’t majorly altered, not even just for this day. There was even beauty in it: enjoying the rare presence of a winter sun, being thankfully for my safety, taking extra moments to connect to others, and to allow myself just to be. I didn’t ‘have to’ find something to fill my time. I just enjoyed the journey. Even when there were major roadblocks and traffic came to a standstill. I really said “yes, and…” to this unplanned event.

God, I hope I can continue to live out this reflection!


What do YOU think?

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