Peacefully Empowered

Hello, friends!

I’m writing to say how empowered I feel. I’m back from lots of traveling for work, and feeling rejuvenated. I’ve found passion in new opportunities, as well as reignited old interests. There is so much to do!

While away, I discovered Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Peace is Every Step”. I was sitting in my boyfriend’s mother’s house, and just happened upon it. I could not put it down! Reading about finding peace in each moment also empowered me to take and enjoy this life, no matter what is in my present moment.

On my last day away, I learned how to drive a stick shift! This is something I’ve tried before, but never had any need to really learn or even a strong desire. I had such fun learning something new, and challenging myself to do it.

What do I want to take from these two random, yet encouraging events? 1. Seek my peace, in each moment 2. Strive to do new and challenging things 3. Be patient with myself in the process.

I could so easily move so quickly with this newly found excitement. But, I know that would lead to burnout, and an eventual rustout. Instead, I can channel my energy to do good things, but also stay connected to myself, finding peace within.

So my question to you is, how do you stay peacefully empowered?


What do YOU think?

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