Three Phenomenal Women

Putting the last 2 1/2 years of life your life on paper is daunting. I had five weeks to complete my task, but found myself staying up to 3 am to work on it the night before, and gluing the final piece moments before it was due! Regardless of the time consumed, this exercise was so rewarding.

Last month, two of my lady pals and I had a fantastic call. Charged up by our support, wonder, and love for the others, we challenged each other to do a followup collage to one that we each created nearly three years ago, which was to reflect on each of our service years.

After hysterical technical difficulties, quite a few bouts of belly laughter from the way skype froze someone’s face in the most unflattering way, we were off! What amazing works of art these were.  Each of us had poured herself onto the page, demonstrating her joys and struggles of the past two years, as well as her hope and motto going forward. These collages are more than just symbols, they are truly pieces of ourselves.

Before setting off to go on a walk, entertain new possible roommates, or get on a conference call, we shared our recent challenges. We decided to leave each other with a thought. Mine was breathe, be patient with the long term, and happy in the short. One friend reminded us of how we posted the poem Phenomenal Woman in every freshman girl’s bathroom in college! But more importantly how today, right now, we are already strong, confident and courageous women. My other friend recalled the first two lines of my favorite prayer! And oh how I cannot wait for our next call!

So as I go on my day, whether it be bright and full of sunshine, or frustrated at traffic, or saddened by life’s events, I feel empowered by these friends. They see me as I am and push me to see that

“… I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me”.

Thanks km and bw!


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