Fast Away

Happy Ash Wednesday all!

In a day where fasting begins our Lent, I’ve spent most of the day thinking about food. Yes, I do love food, but there are many reasons for my preoccupation, including the work I do.

I spent a good part of my work day reading a new report on agro-ecology. It might sound boring, but it was fascinating, calling for countries to focus on agricultural practices that are environmentally sustainable and socially fair.

I also spent a decent part of my day noticing my hunger. More than once I had to stop myself from that drink, or that snack, which is so available to me.

Yet, as crazy as it may sound, I feel blessed to be able to fast. One billion people in this world are suffering from hunger, malnutrition, and lack access to food. In the same moment of time, one billion are overweight or obese. The current system is not equitable.

This breaks my heart. Every time I think of this number, one billion brothers and sisters, I’m blown away. As much as I want to change this statistic with every fiber of my being, I certainly won’t do it alone, or eradicate it all. So, I hunger for God because I can’t fathom one billion people hungering for food. I cry out to God for justice, because the cries of a starving child seem so unjust.

As I have hungered today, I realized that my hunger for God is no less physical and no less powerful .

So, today in our fasting, let us feel the pangs of hunger, let us unite them with those for whom this is a daily occurrence, as well as let it be a pathway of prayer to our loving God.


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