Overwhelmingly vegetarian

I’m going veggie for Lent. Yup, I am considering a no meat for the next 40 days. Yet, it only took about 5 minutes before I was grossly overwhelmed, feeling like I was more in the Twilight Zone, then in the produce section of Whole Food.

Welcome to my inner-conflict….

It begins with, “I’ll just pick up some starter items”. I think to myself. “I’ll be in and out”. Well, I walk up to the racks upon racks of fresh lettuce. I’ve decided I don’t want to do the plastic tubs, even thought they are organic they normally come from across the country. “Great, decently priced red leaf lettuce that is organic from 100 miles away. Ca-ching! But wait, this may be cheaper, and still be organic, and YES it is local, but crap, I need to put it in a plastic bag. Ok, one minor concession, a cheapie plastic bag. That’s just a minor strike out”.

Onto what shall go a top my bed of lettuce. “What veggie shall I pick- mushrooms, peppers, cukes, all of the above? Gosh this stuff is pricey. Wait. There are 8 options in the mushroom section. Some local, but no local organic. All wrapped in plastic. What do I choose, that which is not sprayed in pesticide, but traveled 3,000 miles to get here, or plastic wrapped, possibly chemical laden local stuff? Wait, are mushrooms on the dirty dozen list? FORGET THE DARN MUSHROOMS“.

Ok, peppers. “Phew. Better, at least they a differently colored… which means each color is a different price. Wait, no organic and everyone is from Latin America. Well…. comen estan but, should I support that economy? Will that help or hinder? Did the workers get paid a fair penny for these $3.99/lb peppers?”

Ok, never mind I’ll top it with fruit. “What, only apples from Washington…..ugh. Oranges! Oranges, yes, cheaper…. and from Florida! Oh this is exhausting!”

I find myself nearly sprinting out of the produce aisle, unsure of what I’ve actually dropped in my basket, and certainly unsure of how I morally,  ethically, and rationally feel about it.

So what does a girl do…. down some cake. At 10:10 am. Free samples, an unclear mind, and java jitters from too much coffee = bad decisions.

Despite the frustrations, confusions, and aches (both of stomach and head), I left WF feeling, lighter and more affirmed. I may not have all the answers now, but I’m allowing myself to question. Yes, it may be excessive at the moment, but I believe this Lenten challenge will bring me clarity on what I really want to consume, and how I let my convictions be lived out through my actions.

Here’s to hoping my next trip will be less rattling (but with cake samples galore!)

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