Little (zen) Habits

I love this article. Not only because the person who sent it to me nearly made a promise to stop dropping their clothes nilly-willy, but because its so simple and so effective.

The Zen Habits blog shares great tips to make your life more peaceful. This one lists easy changes to turn into habits to enrich your life. While soaking this in, I realized there is something akin in this list that I do! Since high school, oh so many moons ago, I make the bed the minute I get out of it. My feet hit the floor, and I’m moving the sheets. It helps me to 1. immediately have something done and 2. switch over psychologically from sleep to wake. I can’t crawl back into bed that is made, and if I physically made the bed, I’m less likely to mentally wish I was still in bed!

The list offers great possibilities! The ‘take a walk’ suggestion is hitting close to home. Sadly, I’ve gotten away from this tendency. My work environment is very technological, with little person-to-person interaction. I even eat in front of my computer screen, save for goregous days when I take it outside! Taking a walk is so incredibly refreshing to my soul, to reconnect to the much larger world then the one that is sitting on my desk.

Sometimes its just easier to gripe about how busy we are, how much we have to do, make excuses for why we don’t do the things we should.  So, instead of us saying habits are too hard to change, can we take one from this list and enact it? Mine is taking a walk!


What do YOU think?

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