The dream I never dreamt

Fairy godmother make me a….writer?

I never wished to be a writer, big time or small. I know, it’s a bit strange as I’ve been blogging for almost a year now, but the fact that I actually DO write (and that people read it!), is a revelation that I continue to be in awe of.

In the last week I’ve been told “Kate, I’m so amazed by what you write. You are talented!”, “I LOVE reading your blog” and “You are an amazing writer. I can’t even read as much as you write!  That’s a great gift and you are using it well!” From friends, colleagues, and mentors, these words have humbled me.

In the last year, I’ve written 107 public posts, a few unpublished ones, been a guest writer here, scripted prayers and poetry for community and self. Even at work, I’ve penned a lot of works, 10 newsletters, about 4 speeches, and 2 widely circulated pieces on hunger and countless researched agendas.

As I realized this yesterday, I had to laugh. In my morning reflection, I just felt called to make sure I spent 5 minutes during lunch writing. It was a struggle, but I did it. And then I found myself craving some writing time, just me and the old journal, after work. After that, I noticed the magazine on Spiritual Writing that my boyfriend mailed me last week, and how I can’t wait to dive on in. Once dreading to write, I find myself strangely thirsting for it. The lovely ironies life presents, we just need to be open to accept them, as is.

Even more evidence of this undreamt dream, I don’t recall wishing to be a writer as a child. Honestly, I don’t really remember dreaming to be someone or something as a kid. Maybe its a freakish sense of self or a bad memory, but I just don’t have it. I do, however, recall those moments of pure ecstasy with writing. Two such events are the researching and writing of my speeches for my high school Forensics team and my senior year Business school thesis on solving world hunger using varied technologies. In both, I would often find myself lost in the ‘flow’, so excited by what I was doing, time marched right by. I just love learning about new topics, finding my passion connecting to some thread within them, and being able to write, and hopefully, present on them too.

As I focus on what is it I want to DO or BE in this life of mine, I’m so grateful to have a place to voice myself, as well as have the support from you reading this. Each click onto this blog buoys me.I don’t ultimately know where the journey will take me, but being able to chronicle my thoughts and beliefs has been a gift. I am finding that sometimes the best dreams are the ones that could only be born from your reality.

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