Sealed with Slavery

No one wants their products to be made with child and slave labor. However, often times its too hard- either to know about it or search the information out. No longer. Information by country then product and the official Department of Labor’s official List of Goods Produced by Child or Forced Labor.

Read the websites and think about the actions you can take- writing to an official, purchasing fair trade, send this list around to others. You have power- acknowledge it.

Be knowledgeable, be responsible, be just.

2 responses

  1. Hi Kate!

    Happy feast of the Annunciation-Incarnation. Today’s celebration is proof that “saying ‘Yes'” certainly does change things! šŸ™‚ Made me think of your blog. Hope you’re well!



    • Hi Elyse,

      Thanks- you are right! All is well, were you’re ears burning? I was emailing Jared and Josh of SOS, mentioned you and the conference!


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