Life: Insane

My life has been intense this last week. I came off a great weekend away to a high fever and infection, my parents arriving home early from a vacation with bronchitis and a speeding up of a chronic illness, to now one being in the hospital with pneumonia. Stress, well you just arrived in the nick of time, didn’t ya!

I was reflecting today on how grateful I am that I had been experiencing a constant peace and content happiness in the last month. Even though I felt as if the last week completely rattled all of that, I could remember that I had just recently known these good things. And I’ll know them again.

This post ran back through my head, feeling like what a wonderful act of foreshadowing it was! I do write this blog mostly for me, but still what a gift it was to rediscover these words of Rumi.

Stress, illness, sadness, I rather not welcome you. However, you are here. Come on in, yes, you can stay for a spell.


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