Uncharted Love

You know when you hear a song that just speaks to you, causing you to live more fully in the present moment because it is perfectly giving voice to all your unspoken emotions and thoughts?

Well, mine is currently the wonderful Sara BareillesUncharted. The lyrics are truthful,  if you just read them outright, you may think that you are in for a melancholy song. On the contrary, the music is uplifting, making you take this plan-less  future and look at it in a new way. Seeing this life as an adventure vs. a shapeless unknown. What a perfect song for the album entitled Kaleidoscope.

And really, what could make your current theme song better? Oh, just a fantastic video with all your favorite artists!

So why do I connect with this song so strongly? Well, this may be no Vic’s Picks, but let me try to delineate all the reasons why.
So lonely, Never knew how much I didn’t know. Ok, so completely naivete fashion, I once thought that you graduated, got a job/did a meaningful year of service, made lots of friends automatically, went out a few nights a week to happy hour, and were, well, ‘living the life’. Wow. Life’s so much more complicated, but in the spirit of this song- there is also so much more to life than that 1 (semi-unrealistic) track.

I won’t go as a passenger, no. Regardless of what I thought would happen in this twenties stage of life, it doesn’t matter. I’m the driver of this vehicle. I’m choosing where I go. And on the days that cruise control seems to be stuck, I’m gonna try my best to enjoy the scenery.

 I’m taking flame over burning out. Remember the Rust Out post? Yup, I’d rather live the passionate life, then the one without it. Emotions, challenges, you are welcome here.

Compare, where you are to where you want to be, and you’ll get nowhere. Musically and lyrically, this is my favorite part of the song. Yes, my life is not what I thought it be 5 years ago- sometimes it better, sometimes worse, but that comparison brings me only makes me live in my head, and not in my heart.

So, as I drive into the unknown future, with this song happily stuck on repeat, I only hope I can continue to be renewed by these words . Open, uncharted road?- Here I come!


What do YOU think?

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