A little less plastic, a little more conservation, please.

We all know the frightening statistics of living in today’s world: global warming, increasing poverty and hunger, human rights abuses, and so much more. But what if we could take small actions, that could make a big difference?

Check out the trailer to a new documentary: Bag It.

And you know I’m not gonna leave you without options. So here is what I propose:

1. Carry around all the plastic bags you can find in your house for 1 day. Up your awareness of your usage. Challenge your kids and friends too!

2. Make a mental note of how much you are using plastic bags, and tell people why you are doing this!

3. Buy tote bags. And until you remember to bring them in from the car, out of the house etc, make yourself buy one at the store each time. Most supermarkets sell them for $1. Spending those extra pennies might motivate you to remember (and think about the hidden costs we don’t pay for using plastic bags). Be creative and patient as you change your ways.

4. Read the movie’s list of 10 alternatives.

Can you take these steps…. as Elvis says: a little more action, please.


What do YOU think?

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