Donate it all

Hello all,

It’s been a few days, but always good to take some time and reflect….and purge! I’ve been full swing into spring cleaning. Two bags of clothing: donated, tons of papers: recycled, old 98 degrees ‘collectible’ magazines….sitting in the basement hoping that some fan will give me a few cents for those….fat chance! Then, I reached stuffed animals, namely beanie babies. At age 12, I truly thought I was making an ‘investment’ in purchasing these oh so rare little things…we always knew I’d be a schmuck savy investor.

But what does one too when they are over run with overpriced and yet price deflated toys that no longer provide soft cushioning for your 401-k? You call on Donation Town. This service provides listings by zip code of stores and nonprofits to either drop off your used goods or have them picked up at your house! I’m going to happily schedule a towing picking up of my beaned animals.

Maybe next time, I’ll be more ‘investing’ savy.


What do YOU think?

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