Living and lingering (as a vegetarian)

To my surprise, I’m still acting as a vegetarian. My goal for Lent was to give up meat- no strings attached. I fully expected to come back, hot dog a-eatin’ on Easter.

Add a dash of curiosity (how long can I keep this up), a dose of stubbornness (that Irish heritage) and an enjoyment of a challenge (how can I turn carnivorous delight into a veg one), and you’ve got yourself a lingering vegetarian!

Personally, there are some deeper fulfillments I have found as well. I like feeling as if I’m part of something larger than myself. I like the limiting control it gives me and the sense of strong connection to others by being more cognizant of what I put in my mouth and hence how that choice affects the world we live it. I do not believe you must be vegetarian or vegan to do this, but I do think this offers a concrete and achievable way of simultaneously reaching all these goals.

Yet, this doesn’t mean my old ways are completely out of my system! Lately, I’ve been craving Buffalo Chicken. I find myself scouring menus, opening the fridge and wishing it was there. Wrap or salad, I’m not picky. Yet, even if it was on the menu or in my casa, I know at this moment, I wouldn’t eat it!

That's my take on a Vegetarian Buffalo Salad.

How good does that tofu look?!

And going in for the beauty shot....

Lip smacking good, enhanced of course, by the  deliciously preservative free Dinosaur BBQ sauce!

Will I be a vegetarian continually…I don’t know, but I strangely don’t feel the need to analyze. This may  be one question in life I’m 100% OK with just living into the answer, and that right there was worth the whole experiment!



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