I have new girl crush. First, I would still like to pledge my undying admiration my previous girl crush,  Jennifer Nettles. JNetts, as I, and other crazed friends, lovingly call her, is the female lead of the dynamic duo Sugarland.  She is charismatic, energetic, soulful, honest, fun, and passionate.

JNetts in action…

However, days before being reunited with JNetts at this recent concert, another crush swung into my life.

She appeared in one of the best books I’ve ever read. Well, in true honesty, I listened to it, as it transformed my commute into holy ground with the author’s early writings of everyday spirituality. Sue Monk Kidd is my new crush.

Firstlight, is the compilation of her young works for the magazine Guidepost.  Every explanation of Kidd’s current surroundings, expounded by her incredible intutive connection with the divine, hit my soul. Fighting with her teenage son, watching a bird build a nest, seeing a crying girl on a bus. This woman can see her life’s most important messages in the simplest of packages.

One of my favorite pieces of Kidd’s work was in describing the need to be in the moment, of saying yes to the present. Isn’t it fascinating, she says, that the words ‘nowhere’ and ‘now here’ only have a space worth of difference between them? For if we focus on being here now, we’ll never have to worry about wasting time in the nowhere.

My most intense ‘here now’ experience of last was at Sugarland’s concert last Friday. Talk about a spiritual experiences- incredible energy that seems like an electrical shock to your inner life, songs that you love being given straight to you from the artist herself in the most raw, live way, and being able to experience it with one of your best friends. I was mesmerized by the evening and just lifted into a state of joy. I remained in the now here all night, just enjoying the musical journey and the parallels it found in my own story. It was beyond a concert, it was an awakening.

These two beautiful women mean a lot to me, as both find ways to put words to my subconscious thoughts through two of my favorite mediums: music and writing. They are both lyricists to some of life’s deepest truths. However one of the best gifts you can give those you love is the freedom to love others.

JNetts meet SMK. You two have some crushin’ to do.


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