Funny people say yes

Funny people say yes.

It is so true. Have you ever seen a good improv scene? I betcha that it does not start by one person saying “no, that’s not a orange that blew up, its a dog”, or something else in the denial realm. That’s because the most important idea to understand in improv is to say YES.

So much of this blog is about that principle.  The importance of this idea is to have place to build from, to work together with a person and idea, not against. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?!

One of the best things I have experienced in being an improviser is recognizing the parallels of the ‘rules’ or guidelines to a successful scene and how those translate into having an enriching life journey. Some of improv’s guiding principles: Say yes, show up (since that is half of the battle), listen and build on others thoughts, recognize that you can’t do this alone, you need others.

One gal who lives my these points is Amy Poehler. This year, Harvard asked Poehler to  deliver the 2011 commencement address. Take a listen for some poignant advice, improv inspired life lessons, and of course, witty cracks.

What will you say yes to?


What do YOU think?

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